Problem Description

The online argumentation platform SolAr, which combines aspects of online argumentation and social media as a modern approach to embed arguments within a social network, is a modular application implemented with Django. The modular design and generalized core of SolAr allows versatile use for a wide variety of questions and research projects. Social media, such as Twitter, allow the embedding of external sources and spreading of internal content, e.g., via retweeting. This exchange of information and the connecting of individual and diverse content is closely related to online argumentation systems, which largely overlook this feature.

Therefore, SolAr is to be extended by a module allowing the embedding and spreading of videos from YouTube and individual statements contained therein.


To extend SolAr with a video citation system the following points must be fulfilled:

  1. reviewing existing and generally accepted literature
  2. familiarization with SolAr, Django, the YouTube-API and individual libraries for solving the problem
  3. implementation of the knowledge gained from point 1 and 2
  4. testing, documenting and integration into SolAr

Overall, SolAr is to be expanded to provide a tested and documented module for real-time communication.

Interest in social media, natural language processing, web development, databases, programming and online argumentation


Marc Feger
Raum 25.12.O2.46 ·